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Layering theory in spring

See you later, cold weather. Welcome to longer days, milder temperatures and scattered showers: spring is here.

The transition to summer is a challenging season in terms of cycling clothing. In most regions, striking the perfect balance between hot and cold, wet and dry, or humid and aridity is not always an easy task. You need a wardrobe that is more adaptable to the climate.

In this sense, as in winter,the theory of layering should be applied, but in a more intense way than in the colder seasons of the year. Obviously it depends a lot on the area where you live, but in spring it is common to find cold temperatures early in the morning and much milder (or even warmer) temperatures on the way home. Or even passing rain showers.

To achieve this adaptability in the application of the spring layering theory, there is a complete range of cycling clothing and accessories in the 365Rider cycling catalogue. Here is our selection.


The great basic for spring. A garment that allows us to optimally insulate the cold and wind from the trunk, as well as being able to be rolled up and stored in the jersey pocket without any difficulty to cool the engine when necessary. It is, together with the undershirt, the basic pillar of our layering theory. Of course it is a master piece to start the descents after the most demanding ascents.

All the major cycling clothing brands have vests in their catalogues. Castelli has the Squadra Stretch or the Aria which are a must-have from the Italian firm in spring. The Q36.5 Air Vest or the Giro Chrono Expert are ultra-solvent options for the rigours of spring, just like the Sportful Hot Pack Easylight.


Undergarments are the basis of the layering theory. They are the first contact of our garments with the skin and act as thermal insulation and moisture evaporator, two fundamental aspects to maintain comfort on our spring outings. Basically there are two types, with and without sleeves. Here it depends on the needs of each user.



If you're someone who tends to warm up really quickly in the spring, a sleeveless undergarment should reign supreme in your cycling wardrobe. The Castelli Pro Issue or its sister the Castelli Core Seamless or the Q36.5 Base Layer zero Mesh are basics for this user profile.




With sleeves

If you wear sleeves, this is usually the best option. When you take off your sleeves, you prevent your body from cooling down through the blood flow in your arms exposed to the air.


The Giro Chrono Dark Grey vest , the Q36.5 Base Layer 2 or the Sportful BodyFit Pro BaseLayer will meet the aspirations of those looking for extra warmth in the spring.


The lower body also needs its spring garment. The range of culottes in this sense is wide, but we find some models more focused on the months of April and May. They are garments that act as complements to the leggings and fit perfectly with our layers.

In this sense, the Q36.5 Salopette Wolf 2.0 is the top choice for those who prefer to enjoy that extra warmth and extra protection from the rain and wetter conditions.

Inevitably two top sellers of proven quality and at a very competitive price, the Castelli Entrata and its 'brother' the Competizione will deliver in post-winter and pre-summer conditions.

Arm, leg and knee warmers

Why do we need sleeves or leggings if we have short-sleeved and long-sleeved jerseys? Back to the layering theory. Leaving the house with warmers on your limbs will allow you to palliate and protect yourself from the morning chill, and as the day progresses you can gradually shed these garments that will help you warm up your muscles.

Plus, we all know that now is the season for longer rides and big climbs, so being able to uncover yourself on the climbs and cover up on the descents makes these garments a must-have in our cycling wardrobe.


They protect from the wrists to the biceps and serve to keep the arms watertight and at the optimum temperature. The elasticity and the absence of seams that can generate annoying chafing is a priority. We find more thermally powerful models such as the Giro Thermal or the Sportful Thermodrytex and others more suited to mild temperatures such as the Q36.5 Sun & Air or the Compressport Arm Force Ultralight.

Leg loops

Their function is identical to the sleeves, but on the lower body. In this sense, for springs, the knee sleeves that cover from the lower part of the thigh to the upper half of the shin, so that part of the leg is exposed, allowing the engine to be cooled, stand out. Castelli presents the Nano Flex 3G , Thermoflex 2 and UPF 50+ Light which are three high quality and comfortable options. The Q36.5 Sun & Air is also a top level option.


It's time to feel the levers and our gear levers or buttons again. No more thick insulation, so necessary on cold autumn mornings. Now, we are looking for a certain lightness. Castelli, who else? Castelli presents us with two options that will give us that point of morning warmth and then allow us to store them with hardly any space.

These are the Castelli Perfetto Light and Lightness 2 gloves, the latter being even less warm than the former.

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